With many years of hostel-operating experiance, HostelProfessionals assumes the operation of hostels, B&Bs, apartments and every kind of budget accomodations. We also agree to perform general management or sub-tasks. Online or on the spot, no matter where, in any cities worldwide.

Who We Recommend To

  • For those who would charge a professional team with the pricing, the online sales and with the marketing activities of the property.
  • For the real estate contractors and developers who want to achieve higher return on real estate assets by operating with budget accomodations.
  • For those who want to increase their revenues or speed up the return on investments.
  • For those who want to implement customized unique interior design and online company image solutions.
  • For the international hostel chains who would charge a specialized firm with the construction and operation of a new porperty.

What We Offer

  • Market research and analysis, data acquisition

  • Business and financial planning

  • Appropriate pricing of the property, occupancy optimization, online sales

  • Marketing tools and services

  • Interior design and corporate image solutions

  • General management


As an experienced competitor of the Budapest hostel market, we believe that the general management of a budget property should combine the business methods of the largest international hotel chains with practical hostel characteristic tools. Getting familiar with the segment and with the economic environment of your property and being able to build models of the market environment can be major competitive advantages. This is an essential knowledge which can help you to remain competitive and increase your property’s profitability from year to year. HostelProfessionals provides management and analysis services under this mentality. Our models and strategies are in each case adapted to the local market environment.

The primary aim of our activities is to improve the profitability of your speciality lodging.

  • Market research

    With our analysis based on data collection, we determine your property’s market position and the breakout potential of your business.

  • Business and financial planning

    HostelProfessionals makes a proposal about the long-term strategy of your property and defines what specific steps should be taken to achieve the goals. We summarize our restructuring proposals which can affect your daily administrative and also the general operation. Simultaneously we prepare a financial plan which accurately summarizes the effects of the new srategy on your costs, revenues and so the expected additional profits. Professional financial planning can stabilize the long-term financial position of your business, furthermore you are able to scheudle the necessary investments and optimize the distribution of dividends. As a result your property will work more transparent, efficient and secure.

  • Hostel pricing, online sales, occupancy optimization

    Our long-term facility can significantly improve your revenue and occupancy indicators. Apart from this Your listed prices on every channel are monitored continously and modified day to day, hour to hour if needed, with different methods we help you to have bookings on the highest possible price in the prompt market environment. Our goal is not to win the pricing contest but rather to make your each of your beds generate high revenue throughout the year.

  • Marketing services

    Through observing the current market environment, the needs of your costumers, we shape the corporate image of your business. We form online and offline marketing strategy what combines company image with every sales channel.

  • Interior design and corporate image solutions

    To ensure proper room structure we prepare the corresponding ground plan, guest customized furnituring design, making buildings, building parts suitable for accomodation facilities and the general image of your property.

  • General management

    We sign on operating hostels and every kind of budget places on long term. In addition to the above this means the day-to-day management of the property. HostelProfessionals pays particular attention to ensuring workforce and overall maintenance while providing for the ownership full overview about our activities. On specific agreement we also join in projects of planning stage.


  • While keeping your operations on the highest efficency, you can decrease your staff costs or your general spendings.
  • Applying the pricing and sales approaches of the largest international businesses, you can maximize your revenues.
  • With the help of our architect team you can reconstruct your establishment, innovate its offline image and optimize the positionning of your beds, use of your space.
  • We help you to achieve better customer satisfactions, reviews and reputation.
  • Our team is engaged to reach higher occupancy rates for your property.
  • You can delegate all of the difficulties and burdens of the lodging business to a professional management team.
  • You can achieve the highest ranking on every online reseller sites and channels.


  • Flow Hostel

    Flow Hostel is a fresh, premium quality accommodation in the downtown of Budapest. Our concept is to synthesise high quality living spaces with social life and activities.

  • Essential Hostel

    This property combines the small hostel atmosphere with big hostel comfort spiced with unique design and great staff. Modern design with laid back charm providing privacy in every dormitory and private rooms.

  • Avenue Hostel

    Extra large place hostel in the city center with mininamlist spirit.

  • HomePlus Hostel

    Olddest brand of ours, an absolute backpacker place with funny social events and awesome staff.

The team

  • András Kircsi

    My favorite field of business is financial planning, and I also try to improve my skills in organizational behavior. In private, I would like to learn as much as possible about ourselves, so if there's a chance for some entertainment, I prefer movies and books which tell stories about our psyche.

  • Viktor Novák

    I have done my studies in several countries of Europe and in New Zealand. Before founding HostelProfessionals I worked at one of the leading European brokerage company as an analyst. Later on I have founded an alternative tour organizor company in Budapest. My competences are: operational leadership and communication.

  • Balázs Szentkirályi

    I enjoy business planning and strategy development. I am convinced that tourism is the future of SME-investments. If you see a book in my hand, it is either about the economy in general or about the history of the twentieth century. I trained myself in the media for nearly fifteen years, before founding HostelProfessionals.

  • Kata Dékány

    I have spent several years in hostel management, working in different places like Grand Canaria, Istanbul or Budapest. As the manager it was a daily challenge to deal with complex tasks, moderate difficult situation, interact with and assist people, organize activities and training staff.

  • Zoltán Major

    I am responsible for the design and the design research. For me these two things are only work together. My principle of the design are based on the users needs and desires. According to our researches and experiences in hostel design a good hostelspace has to inspire the community to create contacts and has to provide intimacy for the person, at the same time.